7 Terms to Survive a Date in 2024

7 terms to survive a date

In an increasingly digitalized world, where social networks and dating apps have redefined the landscape of romance and flirting, maintaining a spontaneous and sustained conversation has become an endangered art. Terms like ghosting, bread-crumbing, love-bombing, etc., have invaded our vocabulary, describing situations that many experience in the realm of love and relationships, especially after the …

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Here’s Why Men (Don’t) Cry

man crying on the floor

Introduction In a world where some emotions are often seen as signs of weakness, especially in men, movements challenging the social norms dictating how we should express ourselves have emerged. The stigma associated with men showing vulnerability, like crying, remains a highly relevant topic. That’s why we’ve set out to delve deeper into the relationship …

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Unlocking the Forbidden: The Allure of Taboo Desires

woman in bed with bdsm handcuffs

Have you ever fantasized about doing something forbidden? Does the idea of engaging in acts that defy societal norms excite you? Throughout history, humans have felt an undeniable attraction to the forbidden. Whether in the realm of personal relationships, substance consumption, exploring restricted places, or challenging established social norms, we refer to this as the …

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All Questions and Answers about Premature Ejaculation

man seeking information on his laptop on a wooden table

As a sexologist, specially trained in couples counseling and with extensive experience in the field of male sexuality, I have devoted years to understanding and addressing the challenges associated with premature ejaculation. Throughout my professional experience, I have encountered numerous questions related to typical concerns about premature ejaculation. Some of these questions are based on …

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Looking for Pregnancy with Premature Ejaculation? We Have the Ultimate Key

pregnancy with premature ejaculation

Understanding Early Ejaculation: What Is It? In the realm of male sexual well-being, understanding premature ejaculation is the first step toward overcoming concerns related to fertility and pregnancy. Premature ejaculation, characterized by the uncontrollable release of semen shortly after sexual arousal and minimal stimulation, can pose challenges for couples aiming to conceive. As a seasoned …

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Bedroom Issues? Sexual Anxiety may be the Problem

As a psychologist and sexologist, one of my main functions is to adapt and personalize sessions for each individual case. Each reason for seeking consultation has specific characteristics that require tailored and appropriate counseling to meet each user’s needs. However, in many cases, patterns can be established regarding a specific problem. In this case, I’m …

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What happens to our body with anabolic steroids?

portada eng

The cult of the body has come to stay. It’s a fact we can’t deny and doesn’t come without criticism. While some people see this cult as a way to stay in shape and take care of themselves, others take it to another level. Some people turn to the use of anabolic steroids in the …

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STIs: Should we be worried?

sti worry

According to data provided by the ProyectoScopio barometer and the Bloom observatory of women’s health, both located in Spain, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) such as syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia have experienced a significant increase in the last five to ten years. These diseases were close to extinction in this country until the year 2000, but …

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Sexting: awakening arousal through social media

Sexting: Awakening arousal through social media FEATURED IMAGE

Do you have social media? Have you ever flirted through them? Then surely you have practiced sexting in some way! (or you have “a friend” who has done it). Whether you have or not, sexting has its basic rules that you should know, especially if you already practice it (or plan to do so). Why? …

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Steady Couples: What’s the Key?

portada eng 3

Don’t you get the feeling that today’s couples don’t last as long as they used to? You’ve probably heard someone older say “back in my day, couples stayed together for life.” While that may be true to some extent, it doesn’t necessarily mean the couple was happy or in a healthy relationship. In fact, the …

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Vasectomy: Everything you need to know

featured image for post about vasectomy

Vasectomy 101 Male vasectomy is a permanent family planning procedure that involves cutting or blocking the vas deferens, which carry sperm from the testicles to the semen. This prevents sperm from mixing with semen and therefore prevents fertilization. Basically, it is a male sterilization process. Phew! You may feel a bit put off by this …

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After-sex: What to do after sex?

What to do after sex

Whenever browsing the internet, one can find an infinite number of pre-sex oriented games. It is fairly simple to comprehend these results, as many of us are interested about the practices and games to increase sexual tension, libido or, simply, to diversify a little in the world of sexual games. However, when searching for games …

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Viagra: the new trend

Viagra the new trend

Viagra has been one of the main pharmaceutical products for male sexuality since the 90’s, especially when it comes to erectile dysfunction. Its popularity is due to the fact that it increases blood flow to the penis, making it remain erect, which allows sexual intercourse. But, as with all drugs, they may pose a number …

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STIs: debunking myths and stigmas

prevent STIs

An increasing number of sexually active people are understanding the importance of getting checked routinely for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) as an essential part of sexual health, however once people become involved in a committed relationship, they often decide that they no longer need to get tested.  Furthermore, many do not believe it is necessary …

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Ways to make masturbation fun again

ways to make masturbation fun again

When it comes to sexuality, we can state that the vast majority of us masturbate. Some more, some less. Sometimes to relax, sometimes to sleep better, and sometimes to enjoy ourselves and indulge in pleasure. Of course, masturbation can take place individually or in company, this makes it a very versatile practice. Masturbation can help …

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What does New Masculinity mean?

new masculinity mean

The phrase “New Masculinity” was popularized in October 2019, when GQ published the “The New Masculinity Issue.” But well before 2019, the idea of new masculinity has been around, and it’s taken various names, including “modern masculinity” and “positive masculinity.”  But doesn’t matter what you call it, the bottom line of this is that we …

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Closets, what are they for?

how come out of the closet

We all know the expression coming out of the closet. It comes from the mid-twentieth century in the United States and it is believed that its origin comes from trans men and women who “came out of the closet” who wore feminine clothes as a way to express their sexuality openly to society in a …

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Body Awareness: What it is and Tips to get it

body awareness how to get it

One of the main reasons we don’t enjoy sex is because we don’t perceive the changes that our bodies go through. You may be asking yourself: how come we don’t perceive these changes? This may be due to the fact that we tend to be oblivious about our bodily sensations and therefore, our pleasure. The …

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Edging: the new sex trend

Edging new sex trend

Have you ever had to leave something unfinished due to unexpected interruptions? We all know that feeling of frustration. We don’t like to leave an activity unfinished. However, when we decide to interrupt an activity intentionally, we can experience an intriguing and pleasurable sensation because we know what will be the outcome. What if I …

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How to look after Male Fertility

How to look after Male Fertility

The complacency of the male population when it comes to preserving their fertility is well known to fertilization clinic specialists. And, to some extent, this is excusable, as, unlike with women, it is quite normal for a man to be unaware of any fertility problems he may have until the very moment he decides he …

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Keep your libido high: do aphrodisiac foods actually exist?

aphrodisiac foods 1

MYHIXEL experts recommend brown rice, oily fish, fruits such as apples and grapes among other foods in our shopping list. For a better sexual response, avoid consuming alcohol, coffee, sweeteners, high saturated foods and processed foods. It has long been said that aphrodisiac foods help us feel more passionate towards others or increase our overall …

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5 Tips to last longer in bed without Pills

tips to last longer in bed without pills

Tips on how to last longer in bed without pills are always welcome, mainly because these natural remedies will not expose us to side effects of the over the counter “treatments”. Learning how to last longer in bed has a direct positive impact on your self-confidence. Keep reading to discover these natural methods. Control your …

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How to have good Male Intimate Hygiene

intimate hygiene

Intimate hygiene is everyone’s business. More and more men are starting to take care of their intimate area, as many feel that they have not paid enough attention to it over the years. The genital organs, which have no specific defense mechanisms against pathogens, require special care compared to other areas of the body. Why …

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5 Sex Games to Celebrate International Chocolate Day

sex games with chocolate

Since the 1990s, International Chocolate Day has been celebrated on September 13th. France chose this day to coincide with the birthday of Roald Dahl, the author of such well-known books as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. All of us here at MYHIXEL wanted to join in with this celebration, and what better way than by …

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The Ultimate Guide to Orgasm Control

ejaculatory control free guide

Orgasm control is a sexual skill thanks to which men, in a totally voluntary way, can decide when they want to ejaculate while having sex. Men can length, shorten the time until achieving the climax moment, and deepening the time, even if they do not ejaculate. One reason men want to control their ejaculation is …

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