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Body Awareness: What it is and Tips to get it

When someone says “sit properly” we automatically put awareness into our position and apply ourselves to do it well. That’s what body awareness is all about. The body and the mind are connected and it is important to know how to take advantage of it.

Listening to the body is beneficial for health, emotions and feelings can be reflected in the body; breath goes faster, muscles get tense, it can even change our heart rate by factors such as anxiety or happiness. That’s why it’s so important to have body awareness, to be able to control our body in every moment and know how to listen to it in order to know ourselves, as well as to guide it towards our objectives.

Getting it is a matter of practice. We are born with the ability of body awareness, but as time goes by, some people develop it more than others, as we focus on knowing the movement of the body but not on stopping to think about how we do it, how we feel it. Getting this is positive for all aspects and areas of health, including sexual health.  

One of the most influential factors in sexual arousal is contact, feeling how we are touched and how we touch, noticing how our whole nervous system and muscles react, knowing which part of us is acting while we are directing our mind towards that part. 

There are many exercises that help to develop that body awareness, such as Pilates, but there are also other ways to get it.

Tips to get Body Awareness

First of all, get the awareness of your body, stop for a few minutes analyzing every part of it, feeling all your limbs one by one. Are your legs crossed? Can you feel your legs touching each other? Are you pressing any part of your body? Maybe you are grinding your teeth, or contracting your glutes… think about it and do it often to learn how to connect mind and body.

  1. Take a breath and concentrate on how the air travels through your body.
  2. Direct your mind across all your body stopping in each centimeter, from feet to hips.
  3. Stop and pay attention to your perineum or pelvic floor (for men it is between the anus and genital organs). Contract and relax the muscles stopping to differentiate all the movement that is concentrated in this area. Identify if there are any points of stiffness, both in the glutes and in the anal area. The perineal area, or pelvic floor, tends to contract in some situations, such as during sex.
  4. Keep directing your mind across your upper body, feel your arms, move them, and also move your fingers one by one while you imagine them.
  5. Go up towards the head by the neck, chin, ears, neck, head…

It is not difficult, it is something that is innate in us, you just have to practice it to be able to do it in an unconscious way. 

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