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Did you sudden Loss of Erection?

Sudden loss of erection is one possible undesired situation men could have to face sometimes. Even when these kinds of moments can be complex, the most important thing to bear in mind is that it is something you can work on. As a matter of fact, nowadays there are plenty of solutions and methodologies to overcome that.

Many possible reasons can explain those circumstances. Loss of erection can happen because of fundamental motives, such as prostate disease. Nevertheless, the most common factors are daily worries or relatively simple aspects that can be changed. The key is to analyze the roots of those detrimental factors, so as to work on them. Nowadays, uncountable solutions are within reach, such as MYHIXEL revolutionary resources, which will be detailed underneath.

Sudden loss of erection while intercourse

An erection occurs when blood is irrigated into the penis. As a consequence, it swells and becomes firm. Behind remains lots of complex mechanisms that begin on the psyche and are transmitted through the nerves, activating blood irrigation, nerves, vessels and so. Sudden loss of erection means that some part of this process is not working properly. If it happens due to a biological difficulty, then doctors and specialists must be consulted. Most of the time it has to be more with what is inside our head. Somehow, some thoughts, feelings, or habits work like barriers to our sexual desire.

  • Reasons

It is usually seen when a boy passes through his first sexual experience. Nervousness shackles his body and erection disfunction ruins the moment. However, this can also happen driven by not sexual reasons and among people over 40 years old or so. Some men have problems at work or do not feel happy with themselves, and they go through the same. Anxiety, stress, fatigue, emotional issues are the most common triggers for this.

The common denominator is the human mind. Even when this sounds to be delicate, it is something to be worked on. With a correct approach and strategy, sudden loss of erection can be outpaced and left behind.

Work it out

The good news is that nowadays almost every crisis has its solution. It is crucial to get through adversity as open-minded as possible, with criteria when choosing a strategy to change that and self-confidence. Somehow, sudden loss of erection can be compared to premature ejaculation. Both are body’s reaction to mental issues, they are undesired effects of invisible causes, but both can be solved with patience and the right method.

Your partner’s support

Another important point of this process is to get over it by relying on someone you trust. In spite of being so simple, this can make this much easier and bearable. Confidence and support can also lead you to a calmer stage where to gain patience. This could also be helpful to understand that there is no rush, it is not a race against something, it is just you trying to improve your wellbeing and sexual life.

  • Treatments

When the reason for the sudden loss of erection is detected on physical issues, there are specific treatments to undergo. From medicines to decrease blood pressure, hormones care to increase testosterone levels, or stronger medicines to reach direct effects, such as pills. Everything is valid as long as it does not harm you with collateral effects and makes you feel better by taking you to a happier level.


If you have not heard about MYHIXEL method, then you should look it up. Its revolutionary solutions developed to improve ejaculation control, combines a device specially designed to help you handle these issues and a mobile app, MYHIXEL Play, where you can follow programs elaborated to work together with that. Thus, the stimulator helps you to improve your body reactions while also learning how to relax your mind and gain control of the situation.

Healthy habits

As it always happens with body functioning and reactions, a healthy lifestyle helps to minimize the risks of going through these situations. A healthy diet, combined with an active life, is a good combination to control stress levels and keep them under the risk zone. Together with anxiety, these issues are always threatening not only sexual aspects but could also have other not wanted connotations.

  • Conclusion

Fortunately, scientific methods have evolved and many techniques are risk-free, and are natural, with no side effects. The best example of this are MYHIXEL TR and MYHIXEL MED, both scientifically developed strategies to work on situations like ejaculation control. Under these alternatives, a combination of assets is wisely implemented so as to attack every possible aspect globally. These solutions will provide you with complete support and attendance, giving you new tools with the aim of helping you to overcome your concerns about climax control.

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Join the male sexual revolution and achieve the climax control.

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Join the male sexual revolution and achieve the climax control.