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MYHIXEL MAG is a digital magazine focused on male sexual well-being.

We want to help men enjoy their sex lives more and express themselves openly about their concerns.

For this purpose, at MYHIXEL MAG we talk about sexuality, relationships, male well-being, diversity, masculinities, lifestyle and technological innovation at the service of men.


MYHIXEL is the brand specialized in male sexual well-being.

Our mission is to help men and their partners feel more satisfied with their sexual relationships.

Thus, with our first proposal on the market, we offer a unique solution that allows men to enjoy more and to have better sex by controlling when to ejaculate in a totally natural way.

Something we achieve thanks to a revolutionary method that combines the MYHIXEL Play application, which allows us to follow our scientifically proven methodology in a playful and personalized way, together with the advanced pleasure device MYHIXEL I, specifically designed to achieve ejaculatory control.