How to talk to your children about diversity and inclusion?

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I stumbled upon intriguing data from Instant Offices, revealing a significant 122% increase in interest in diversity and inclusion since 2010. Even more astonishing, searches for ‘diversity and inclusion for kids’ surged by 200% in 2020 alone. This emphasizes the growing importance of these concepts. This underscores their significance for parents and children. Teaching inclusive …

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STIs: Should we be worried?

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According to data provided by the ProyectoScopio barometer and the Bloom observatory of women’s health, both located in Spain, Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) such as syphilis, gonorrhea, and chlamydia have experienced a significant increase in the last five to ten years. These diseases were close to extinction in this country until the year 2000, but …

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Pregnant Together: things you should know about pregnancy and sex


As a future dad, or caregiver, you may have questions and concerns about maintaining a healthy and enjoyable sexual relationship during this special time. I’m here to provide you with relevant information and important considerations to help you navigate this topic with confidence and understanding. Whether you’re curious about the safety of sexual intercourse, the …

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Stages of Love: Which one are you in?

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Love is one of the most intense and complex emotions that we can experience in many different ways throughout our lives, which is why it is a topic that sparks discussion and continues to raise many questions. In this article, we will address the following questions: Are there different types of love? How long does …

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Sexting: awakening arousal through social media

Sexting: Awakening arousal through social media FEATURED IMAGE

Do you have social media? Have you ever flirted through them? Then surely you have practiced sexting in some way! (or you have “a friend” who has done it). Whether you have or not, sexting has its basic rules that you should know, especially if you already practice it (or plan to do so). Why? …

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Steady Couples: What’s the Key?

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Don’t you get the feeling that today’s couples don’t last as long as they used to? You’ve probably heard someone older say “back in my day, couples stayed together for life.” While that may be true to some extent, it doesn’t necessarily mean the couple was happy or in a healthy relationship. In fact, the …

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An affordable and unique Valentine’s Day.

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Oh, la, la! San Valentine’s Day, also known as the day of love, a day to express our affections for those dear to us. 24 hours of celebrating our feelings for others. But do we western society celebrate this day? Where does it come from? History of Valentine’s day There are several stories about the …

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After-sex: What to do after sex?

What to do after sex

Whenever browsing the internet, one can find an infinite number of pre-sex oriented games. It is fairly simple to comprehend these results, as many of us are interested about the practices and games to increase sexual tension, libido or, simply, to diversify a little in the world of sexual games. However, when searching for games …

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Relationship routines: causes and how to avoid them

Relationship routines causes and how to avoid them

We all know about the effects of routine, and the monotony, when it comes to everyday life. Some people are quite comfortable when it comes to monotony, some like to plan ahead and have a predictable, scheduled agenda. On the other hand, some people are somewhat inclined with monotony and doing the same things at …

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