Can lack of sleep contribute to premature ejaculation?

man resting his head on the table while working

I stumbled upon an intriguing investigation and its astonishing results. W Zhang and his colleagues conducted extensive research on the relationship between sleep quality and premature ejaculation. In an experiment involving 349 men, they observed that “sleep quality may be a potential risk factor for patients with acquired premature ejaculation.” But what does this truly …

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Christmas: the worst time for couples

Couple fighting in a restaurant

As the festive season approaches, the air is filled with the scent of cinnamon and joy, yet for some couples, Christmas or the holidays marks a challenging period. Surprisingly, statistics reveal that separations and divorces experience a noticeable uptick during this time of the year. The holiday season, often associated with warmth and togetherness, paradoxically …

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Can Alcohol Lead to Premature Ejaculation?

couple laughing and enjoying a drink

As a specialist in male sexual dysfunction, particularly premature ejaculation, I’ve encountered numerous techniques and methods that individuals often turn to in hopes of enhancing their ejaculation time. Among these approaches, the use of alcohol stands out as one of the most frequently employed. Intrigued by the prevalence of this strategy, I felt compelled to …

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Mindfulsexting: The way to enjoy your online sexual encounters to the fullest


Who says mindful sex has to be limited to in-person encounters? In today’s digital age, we’re rewriting the rules of intimacy. Long-distance couples, take note! Thanks to technology, we can create deep, passionate connections even when we’re miles apart. Imagine this: phone calls, video chats, and texts become your canvas for mindfulsexting. It’s essentially a …

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How to talk to your children about diversity and inclusion?

blog son diversity

I stumbled upon intriguing data from Instant Offices, revealing a significant 122% increase in interest in diversity and inclusion since 2010. Even more astonishing, searches for ‘diversity and inclusion for kids’ surged by 200% in 2020 alone. This emphasizes the growing importance of these concepts. This underscores their significance for parents and children. Teaching inclusive …

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Pregnant Together: things you should know about pregnancy and sex


As a future dad, or caregiver, you may have questions and concerns about maintaining a healthy and enjoyable sexual relationship during this special time. I’m here to provide you with relevant information and important considerations to help you navigate this topic with confidence and understanding. Whether you’re curious about the safety of sexual intercourse, the …

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Can cannabis affect your sperm quality?

cannabis and sperm quality

Marijuana, also known as cannabis or weed, is one of the most commonly used recreational drugs in the world as well mentioned by the CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). While the use of marijuana has become increasingly accepted and legalized in some parts of the world, there is still much to be understood …

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An affordable and unique Valentine’s Day.

main image for post an affordable and unique valentine's day

Oh, la, la! San Valentine’s Day, also known as the day of love, a day to express our affections for those dear to us. 24 hours of celebrating our feelings for others. But do we western society celebrate this day? Where does it come from? History of Valentine’s day There are several stories about the …

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Sexual fantasies you might not have heard of.

most uncommon sexual fantasies

Here’s a look at four of the most uncommon sexual fantasies I came across in my session. Most of them have a historical meaning or background. In this article you will find interesting information about these fantasies and before you finish you will learn where they come from and why there are people who fantasize …

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Curious facts about oral sex

Curious facts oral

Oral sex is an act of appreciation and sensuality. It’s an exciting way to connect with someone in such a pleasurable way. However, even as an isolated act, oral sex serves as a deeply intimate, satisfying experience for both parties. This act has been known to exist for centuries but there’s still some myths and …

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Asexuality: the great unknown

The truth behind asexuality

In the world of sexual diversity we find all kinds of people. Fortunately, as the society advances, so do the LGTBIQ+ people’s rights, as well as the understanding of sexuality in general. But there are some sexual identities that continue to generate controversy and which remain largely unknown: people who identify themselves as asexual. One …

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Sex as we get older

Sex as we get older

Sexuality plays an important part role in our lifes, as we are sexual beings. Since the day we were born, till the day we die, we will be accompanied by our sexuality. This means that sex doesn’t fades away once we reached old age and that’s a big myth we need to address. It is …

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Relationship routines: causes and how to avoid them

Relationship routines causes and how to avoid them

We all know about the effects of routine, and the monotony, when it comes to everyday life. Some people are quite comfortable when it comes to monotony, some like to plan ahead and have a predictable, scheduled agenda. On the other hand, some people are somewhat inclined with monotony and doing the same things at …

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Male Multiorgasm

male multiorgasm

Oh baby, yes! Male multiorgasm is possible but people don’t tend to talk about it. For the past few decades, woman orgasm has been a trending topic, mainly because many noticed that could have multiple orgasms in one sexual encounter. But did you know that men or people with penis have the same physical ability …

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Pain and pleasure: how to enjoy pain in bed

pain and pleasure

Let’s talk about pain and pleasure. Did you know these two concepts are related? You might not know this, but sometimes pain produces a pleasurable sensation. We caught your attention for sure, but first we start talking about how to experience pain in a pleasurable way, we must explain that pain has different types of …

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Sexual chemistry: How to maximize it

sexual chemistry 1

Have you ever felt an explosion of energy traveling through your body, sexual tension, increased heart rate, goosebumps, butterflies in the stomach, insatiable happiness and an euphoric sensation? It is possible that you were experimenting sexual chemistry. Sexual chemistry basically motivates us to meet new people and go a step further. But, we’ve all wondered, …

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7 Erotic Films to heat Things Up

erotic films eng

I’m sure that, on many an occasion, you’ve wanted to sit down and enjoy a film, but when faced with the massive selection we have these days, time seemed to disappear and you couldn’t decide which film to watch. In this post, we’re bringing you our selection of 7 erotic films which will help to …

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