Sexual fantasies you might not have heard of.

Here’s a look at four of the most uncommon sexual fantasies I came across in my session. Most of them have a historical meaning or background. In this article you will find interesting information about these fantasies and before you finish you will learn where they come from and why there are people who fantasize about these fetishes

1. Being overtaken by tentacles

Maybe it’s not something that you ever heard of before but it is a thing, many people fantasize about tentacles and having sex with an an octopus. But how come some people have this type of fantasies? Where does it come from? Is it a fetish? Why are men and women turned on by it?

Tentacle fantasies originated a long time ago, but it quickly became popular worldwide. Since the 18th century, Japanese paintings have illustrated woodblock prints depicting women being penetrated by octopuses. There was a semi practical reason for using animal representation. At that time, it was frowned upon to make explicit erotic content as it was deemed as too extreme. 

The japanese people got creative to satisfy their sexual fantasies, they added tentacles to emulate other body parts that were not allowed to be shown, such as the genitalia. Even now pornography in Japan isn’t allowed to just straight-up show genitalia, which is why it’s often blurred out in live-action porn.

fantasize about tentacles

What type of content can we find in tentacle erotica?

If you want to dive into this world, I have to tell you that there are all kinds of content to choose from. There’s something for everyone as long as you are, you know, into tentacles. For example, you can find animated erotica called hentai (or Japanese erotic manga), which can feature sea creatures, aliens, or fantasy characters.

There’s also a life action genre tentacle porn. In this type of visual erotica, you can find octopus/tentacle-like silicone or rubber replicas. Many women may find it arousing to be touched and penetrated by multiple hands, in this case, by many tentacles

Again, there’s a domination-submission component here, but these fantasies have some other interesting features, too. For example, there’s a parallel to group sex fantasies here in that the person is being pleasured by multiple appendages simultaneously. These people described an overwhelming amount of physical stimulation, akin to what one might experience as the center of attention in an orgy

2. The human cow

Now, let’s talk about another animal, in this case the protagonist is a cow. This fantasy is based on a submissive person who enjoys forced breastfeeding and it’s usually a woman called a hucow. We could say that it’s more or less of a farmer milking his cow. 

A hucow can be milked by hand, sucking their breasts with their mouths or using a breast pump. Some hucows and their partners stick to one preferred technique, while others like to mix things up. Some people become hucows after childbirth, when they are breastfeeding naturally. Others trigger lactation using a variety of techniques including pumping, manual stimulation, breastfeeding, and supplements that include fenugreek powder.

Where can I find hucow erotic content?

There’s  a whole porn genre devoted to women with cow’s bodies who get milked. In fact, a quick search on any pornsite has easily over 1,500 hits for “human cow” So what does this fantasy mean? Well, it obviously contains elements of bondage and submission, so it would fall under the general umbrella of BDSM; however, it also has a very fetishistic element to it with the emphasis on pumping and drinking breast milk.

3. The human doll

Okay, now let’s set aside animals for a bit, now we are going to talk about dolls but not the Barbie dolls you used to play with when we were children, we are referring to human size dolls. Doll fetishism is a type of sexual fetishism where individuals are sexually aroused and attracted to dolls and/or doll-like objects.

People with type of fantasies likes to have sexual contact with animate or inanimate dolls or to be transformed into a doll (or transform someone). That’s right, some people have sex with lifeless figures.  There is also a virtual form of doll fantasies. This erotic fiction can be acted out online and in virtual worlds via self-created doll avatars. This also comes from the hand of animated films where theres a crossover intended for the sexual pleasure for the viewer.

uncommon sexual fantasies

The background to this fetish is?

This kind of fetish is actually a form of agalmatophilia, a paraphilia that involves sexual attraction and mannequins, statues, and other life-like objects. There’s also some people that like to call it object sexuality.

And of course, this isn’t something new. Since the 16th century European sailors have had objects with old clothing over them. And, in the 17th and 19th centuries people in Japan called this type of sexualized object “Dutch wives” -since the Dutch would sell them- . 

There’s a lot of BDSM behavior going on here. Because of the dominant and submissive nature of the one that controls the doll and the figurine itself. 

What these fantasies tell us

We all know that sexual fantasies have a great spectrum of behaviors. So what do all of these desires tell us? And as in this life, everything depends on the person, their creativity and life history. There’s a lot of flexibility in how we can mentally satisfy our sexual desires. This means that the causes of these fantasies are not entirely known, although it is possible to make several hypotheses about it. The most widespread hypothesis is that these fantasies are related to power and roles of domination and submission. In fact, many people employ role-playing of this type because of their similarity.

Fantasies equals to imagination

Sexuality is as diverse as human beings. For example, some of us prefer pizza without pineapple and others are just fascinated with it. This also happens with our sexuality and how we perceive it. So, whatever your sexual fantasy is, don’t feel bad about it, as long as there is consent, there is no need to be ashamed. And if you want to live your fantasy alone, you have many audio-visual options to fulfill your fantasy and satisfy your needs.

Anel Martinez Sexologist
Anel Martínez Sexologist

Author: Anel Martínez (Sexual Coach at MYHIXEL)

Sexologist specializing in sex therapy and sex education, mental health and human behavior.

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