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How to have good Male Intimate Hygiene

Intimate hygiene is not just a woman’s thing. More and more men are starting to look after their intimate area, as they feel they haven’t been paying enough attention to it over the years. The male genital organs, which have no specific defense mechanisms, require special care when compared to other areas of the body. Maintaining a correct male intimate (or genital) hygiene is a basic requirement for good health and a healthy sex life, especially because inappropriate hygiene habits can lead to the transmission of infectious diseases to their partner, as well as infections, irritations, and unwanted odors.

Despite these potential negative consequences, some men continue to make mistakes as regards genital hygiene, either through a lack of information, or simply through ignorance.

Male genitals require a specific type of care which differs from the rest of the body.

Correct male genital hygiene involves a daily cleaning of the entire genital area: penis, groin, testicles, and scrotum with water and soap. Your genital area doesn’t have the same pH as the rest of the body, and, for this reason, you’ll need to eliminate soaps with the wrong pH value. The soap must be neutral, which means it must have a pH of 7, which is the closest to the pH of the male intimate area.

These days, men can find specific products for male genital cleaning, and these adequately cover their needs and are adapted to their specific physiology and anatomy. For example, you can easily find specific soaps for male intimate hygiene with antiseptic, anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory action.

Uncircumcised men should pay special attention to the foreskin and glans, as this is an area that requires specific care. One particular characteristic of this area is a secretion (called smegma) which forms as a result of the cellular exchange of the glans and the inner part of the foreskin. Its strong characteristic smell can be very unpleasant and, for this reason, the foreskin should be gently pulled back in order to clean the area well.

How to properly shave the male intimate area

Shaving and hair removal in the male intimate area is a growing habit among men. Although most of the existing research on the topic points out that the removal of pubic hair has no significant health benefits, more and more men are practicing it for aesthetic reasons. These days, there are different hair removal methods for men, such as waxing, using a razor or electric razor, or using depilatory cream. However, the male intimate area is so delicate and sensitive that we would advise you to only trust professionals when it comes to depilation.

Methods using laser are completely safe, and there’s no need to take any notice of those horror stories and false myths doing the rounds on the Internet regarding this practice. According to the experts, depilatory laser treatment is the most effective and long-lasting method of all, as long as it’s carried out under medical supervision and by certified professionals who are qualified in laser treatment.

The use of pubic hair trimmers is the least dangerous traditional method, as this procedure doesn’t pull out the hairs or cause any injury.

To get a good shave, it’s important to first trim the pubic hair to the length you want. Afterward, we advise you to take a hot shower, as the water helps to soften the pubic hair and open the pores, making it easier for the electric trimmer to slide over the area. After applying some shaving foam, just tighten your skin and shave with gentle strokes. Finally, rinse the area with water, dry, and, finally, moisturize to soothe the skin.

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