What does new masculinity mean?

New Masculinity Zachary Zane (1)

The phrase “New Masculinity” was popularized just last year, in October 2019, when GQ published the “The New Masculinity Issue.” But well before 2019, the idea of new masculinity has been around, and it’s taken various names, including “modern masculinity” and “positive masculinity.”  No matter what you call this new form of masculinity, its meaning … Read more

Premature ejaculation: Separating the truth from the myths

Mitos de la Eyacuación Precoz (1)

Premature ejaculation has been one of the most common male sexual problems for many years now. Several studies show that 1 out of every 3 men suffers, or has suffered, from premature ejaculation, and only 20% go to a specialist. In spite of being a widespread problem, there are still many myths surrounding premature ejaculation, … Read more

How to have good male intimate hygiene

Intimate hygiene is not just a woman’s thing. More and more men are starting to look after their intimate area, as they feel they haven’t been paying enough attention to it over the years. The male genital organs, which have no specific defense mechanisms, require special care when compared to other areas of the body. … Read more


Hello dear (and happy) bachelor, Yes, that’s you, you who haven’t had a partner for quite some time now. You’ve gone from “ex-partner” to “no partner” without even noticing. You’ve stopped thinking about your ex and you don’t want to find anyone just yet. But you are waiting for that special someone who’ll come along … Read more

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