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Control of Ejaculation is possible thanks to MYHIXEL

MYHIXEL launches a pioneering solution to help you control your ejaculation and last longer in bed. 

Would you like to be in total control of your ejaculation? 

If you’re tired of your sex life being half-hearted and need both, you and your partner, to feel more satisfied with your intimate  relations, now you can move on to the next level thanks to MYHIXEL. Its revolutionary method will help you to control your ejaculation and you will be able to enjoy sex more with your partner. 

Only 1 out of 10 men recognizes suffering from premature ejaculation. 

It is estimated that 43% of men have difficulties with ejaculation control. The main reason for not sharing it openly is because of the shame for the taboo that exists around issues that affect our masculinity. So much so that 8 out of 10 Spaniards decide not to go to a specialist and silence the problem according to the Spanish Demographic Study on Premature Ejaculation (DEEP).

Even if this never happens to you, you should know that:

MYHIXEL launches on the market a unique method scientifically tested on real men that improves the quality of your sexual relations, helping you controlling your ejaculation. 

A pioneering methodology that, thanks to studies developed since 2015 by our team of professional sexologists, has managed to improve the performance and duration of intimate relationships of more than 500 men.

Because a satisfying sex life positively influences our self-esteem and other areas of life, MYHIXEL unites science and technology to improve your sex life in a natural way. Achieving climax control without resorting to drugs, anesthetic creams or treatments that desensitize.

How does MYHIXEL work?

It is an innovative product that combines the most stimulating hardware – the MYHIXEL I masturbating device – with a software designed to suit every man -MYHIXEL Play-.

1. MYHIXEL Play, have fun while improving your sexual performance with our program of activities. 

If you are a man conscious of your health and want to take control of your sexual life, MYHIXEL gives you the solution. To make this methodology easy, MYHIXEL has translated it into a set of gamma activities presented in the MYHIXEL Play app (available for iOS and Android). 

In a didactic way through different guided challenges, like a game, you progressively acquire control of your ejaculation in a natural way. All this in a completely anonymous and secure environment, with the purpose of totally protecting your privacy. 

2. MYHIXEL I, our revolutionary stimulation device for you to get the most out of your sex life.

To carry out this set of activities it is necessary to use the stimulation device MYHIXEL I, whose mission is to offer you the best sexual experience thanks to the latest technology. Specifically designed to help you control ejaculation by sexologists and engineers, MYHIXEL I offers a similar feeling to real penetration, thanks to its internal channel shape and high-end materials. 

In addition, MYHIXEL I acquires a temperature similar to the human body, and incorporates therapeutic vibration that optimizes the results of the MYHIXEL Play program. 

No matter how long you last, MYHIXEL has a solution for you.

There is a MYHIXEL for every man’s needs. 

If you are a man concerned about taking your sex life to another level and want to acquire specific motor skills that improve the quality of your sexual performance, your solution is MYHIXEL TR

On the other hand, for men who ejaculate in less than 3 minutes during a penetrative intercourse, we developed the program MYHIXEL MED. This program incorporates specific activities that help to achieve the control of ejaculation in a natural way. It also includes an online consultation with a professional specialized in sexology that will help you solve your doubts and get the most out of your program. 

Scientifically proven results.

The scientific studies that have made MYHIXEL’s pioneering methodology possible have been developed in collaboration with Miguel Hernández University and the ISM clinical sexology centre, a benchmark in the international area.

MYHIXEL’s team of sexologists has spent the last 5 years researching and developing this pioneering methodology for ejaculatory control, proving its effectiveness in more than 500 men.  

The results of these studies have been presented in numerous international congresses, receiving getting a great reception from the scientific community. Moreover, the international newspaper The Journal of Sexual Medicine has published the results of the last clinical study carried out with the MYHIXEL I device in which the participants managed to triple the duration of their sexual relations.

Because we know that you want to control your sexual life without worrying about ejaculation…

MYHIXEL is a revolutionary brand committed to men without taboos whose sole objective is to improve their well-being whilst enjoying a healthy sexual life.  

If you want to discover how we can revolutionize your sex life go to and discover our solutions. 

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Join the male sexual revolution and achieve the climax control.

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Join the male sexual revolution and achieve the climax control.