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  • Types of Penises: Does size affect Ejaculation?

    Penis size is one of a man’s main concerns. An investigation carried out by a team of scientists at King’s College, London, and published in ‘The British Journal of Urology International’,  established that the average length of a penis is 9.16 centimeters when flaccid and 13.24 centimeters when erect, with a thickness between 9.31 centimeters when flaccid and 11.66 centimeters when erect.

    In addition to size and thickness, each penis, like any other part of the human body, has as many shapes as there are people with a penis.

    However, in general terms, we can talk about five types of penis, going by names such as the pencil, the traffic cone, the mushroom head, the banana and the curved penis.

    The 5 most common penis types

    Pencil penis

    This is the most common form of penis. The pencil penis is characterized by being completely straight and having the same thickness at both the base and the tip. It stimulates the vaginal walls smoothly and uniformly, and adapts to a great variety of sexual positions. Although there’s no better or worse position, it’s advisable to take advantage of its shape for positions where the woman has her legs pressed together, as well as for anal sex.

    Traffic cone penis

    As you can probably imagine from its name, the traffic cone penis has a thin glans and then widens towards the base. Unlike other types of penis, its shape allows for a more pleasant penetration, ideal for starting out in anal sex and for practicing positions that allow a really deep penetration. At the same time, it should be noted that this type of penis also stimulates the urethroclitoral area as it penetrates the vagina.

    Mushroom head penis

    The mushroom head penis stands out for its glans being more pronounced than its shaft, especially in the cases of circumcised penises. This is the most common form, along with the pencil penis. However, unlike with the traffic cone penis, women find positions with a more shallow penetration to be more pleasant. In addition, the size of the glans is perfect for stimulating the front wall of the vagina.

    Banana penis

    This type of penis is so called because its shape is very similar to that of a banana, i.e. narrower at the base and the tip and wider at the shaft. It also has a slight curvature. Its shape doesn’t have any disadvantages for penetration; on the contrary, it’s considered to be the best type of penis for penetration, because its narrow shape at the glans favours the dilation and stimulation of the urethroclitoral area.

    Curved penis

    The curved penis shares certain similarities with the banana-shaped penis. As the name suggests, this type of penis is characterised by a slight curvature, which can be upwards, downwards, or to either side. This curvature makes it possible to stimulate the front wall of the vagina. Depending on the curvature, different sexual positions are recommended. For example, the upward curve is ideal for the missionary position, while the downward curve is better for doggy style.

    Does penis type influence my partner’s satisfaction?

    Whatever its size or shape, a penis’s appearance doesn’t influence sexual intercourse, partner satisfaction, or ejaculation, as it’s the man’s sexual and erotic ability, as well as the connection with his partner, that make all the difference.

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    Andres Suro Sexologist
    Andrés Suro Sexologist

    Author: Andrés Suro (Sexual Coach at MYHIXEL)

    Psychologist specialized in the social area and expert in sexology applied to education.

    PS: Remember you can book a private consultation with me at MYHIXEL CLINIC. Book your appointment here.

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  • https://yourediva.com/
  • https://yourediva.com/slot-gacor
  • https://yourediva.com/bola88
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