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14th of February is coming...

Valentine's Day

Such a love story!

Long life love! Valentine´s day is almost here and it deserves to be celebrated, not only because “all you need is love” but because love is part of the sexual health. Whether it is with your partner, partners, friends or more than just friends, having a good sexual life is a must.

How much do you know about sexual health?

Find out how much you know about sexual health with a few short questions here. 

Find out how much you know about sexual health with a few short questions here. 


To enjoy a plenty sexual life is good for health

To have plenty of sexual life with another or other people, first of all, you have to take care of your intimate sexual wellness. Getting to know yourself is a key to discover what you like or what worries you, being able to apply your pleasures to your sexual relations in the company of your partner, or partners.

This date is so important to us because it is dedicated to love and sexual health, this is why we want to give you some tips to have a healthy intimate life and enjoy more with your couple.

3 keys for a healthy sex life with your partner


Speak about your interests and needs. This will increase trust and complicity with the other person.

Breaking down taboos

Open your mind and get off the routine, try new experiences, it could be an exciting discovery! Always healthily and respectfully.

Honesty and support

Share your sexual concerns and you will discover you are not alone. In case the worried one is your partner, offer him or her your support. It is very important for your wellness.

“According to one study, 28% of men suffer from some kind of sexual pathology every year and very few dare to share it. Not talking about sexual concerns and not taking care of sexual health directly influences well-being.”

How much do you know about sexual health?

Now that you have some clues, its your turn to discover how much do you know about sexual health. Answer our quiz below, who knows, maybe you get surprised by the result! Are you a potential sexologist?…