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MYHIXEL I the Device that will revolutionise your Sex Life

Innovative gadgets designed for women’s sexual health such as massagers, Kegel balls or menstrual cups are presently on the market in abundance. Therefore, Myhixel, a pleasure device which allows you to improve your ejaculatory control whilst having fun, is a welcome addition. 

Every day more and more men are concerned about their physical well-being and also, and why not, about their sexual well-being. Sex is another area of our health that worries. For this reason, we can now enjoy the first pleasure device with a therapeutic purpose: to help you control your ejaculation and improve your sexual performance.

Innovation to control ejaculation and boost your sex life 

MYHIXEL, a Spanish company focused on improving male sexual health, has developed, thanks to the work of expert engineers and sexologists, a unique therapeutic device on the market: MYHIXEL I. It offers men the latest technological advances so that they can control their ejaculation in a natural way. 

This innovative device is specifically designed for you to obtain the best results when combined with your MYHIXEL Play program and develop all your sexual potential. 

Myhixel I is not a sex toy, it is a medical device

A unique product on the market with an international patent and CE certification seal. 
Myhixel I, incorporates the latest medical and technological advances to simulate real penetration.
These are its main features: 

  • Therapeutic vibration system, unique in the market, developed to enhance ejaculatory control..
  • Anatomically realistic inner channel.
  • Self-heating system that replicates body temperature. 
  • Magnetic charging lithium battery with USB connector. 
  • Manufactured with high quality material, anti-allergic and harmless as it does not contain phthalates. 
  • Water resistant and easy to clean. 
  • CE certification as a medical device.
  • FDA certification in process. 

What do you think the Myhixel I device will make you feel?

MYHIXEL I is a high-end device, made from high-quality materials such as soft-touch silicone for the casing and TPE (thermoplastic elastomer) for the internal channel. These materials are anti-allergic and harmless to health. Their ergonomic design will give you a soft touch, their inner channel is pleasant and simulates real penetration. You will be able to practice in the intimacy of your home thanks to the ultra-quiet vibration. 

The materials with which Myhixel I has been made have been tested on men, through a scientific study developed by the ISM (Murcian Sexological Institute). In the last clinical trial in which 56 men participated, they carried out the treatment together with the pleasure device MYHIXEL, tripling the duration of their sexual relations. 

Iconic design

The MYHIXEL I device has an iconic design, the result of the work of leading industrial designers. The result is elegant and discreet, with sober tones that reflect masculinity. Supported by top-of-the-range materials, it makes every set have a balance and a visual harmony. The packaging of the device follows the same elegant lines, if you want to discover the magic behind Myhixel I you can watch the Unboxing video and you will discover everything that is contained in a MYHIXEL pack. 

Myhixel I and Myhixel Play the perfect combination that will take your sex life to the next leveL

It can happen that our sex life gets into a routine, that we prioritise other areas of our health such as diet or exercise three times a week and we do not realise that our intimate life also requires attention. For this reason, from Myhixel we have worried to facilitate the task to you. We want your intimate life and that of your partner to improve exponentially. 

To this end, we have combined the Myhixel Play training programmes with the latest generation Myhixel I pleasure device, so that you can make the most of your sex life and your intimate relationships reach a new level. 

Now is the time to have a fulfilled sexual life, with the use of MYHIXEL I you will be able to control your ejaculation and enjoy your intimate relationships more. Don’t wait for someone else to tell you and reach a new level in your sexual life by going to

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Join the male sexual revolution and achieve the climax control.

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Join the male sexual revolution and achieve the climax control.