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Body Awareness: what it is and tips to get it

Conciencia Corporal

When someone says “sit properly” we automatically put awareness into our position and apply ourselves to do it well. That’s what body awareness is all about. The body and the mind are connected and it is important to know how to take advantage of it. Listening to the body is beneficial for health, emotions and … Read more

7 erotic films to heat things up

Peliculas eroticas

I’m sure that, on many an occasion, you’ve wanted to sit down and enjoy a film, but when faced with the massive selection we have these days, time seemed to disappear and you couldn’t decide which film to watch. In this post, we’re bringing you our selection of 7 erotic films which will help to … Read more

Relationship Crisis: The Effects of Covid-19 on our Love Lives

There’s no doubt that the global Covid-19 pandemic that we’re experiencing is an unprecedented situation that has changed our lives and changed us as people. We’ve been subjected to months of home confinement, a change in our habits, going out less, and avoiding socializing as much as possible. Most of us don’t have any sort … Read more