longer in bed without pills

5 Tips to last longer in bed without Pills

Tips to last longer in bed without pills are always welcome, mainly because these resources will not expose you to the risk of becoming tablet-dependent. Moreover, once you get used to these methods it has a direct impact on your self-confidence.

Before getting into those tips to last longer in bed without pills, it must be cleared that the best techniques require neither excessive physical efforts nor exorbitant money spending. Most of them just consist of mental processes. Therefore, reliance on yourself, consistency, and patience will be your tools to work on this.

Do not finish before you want – How to last longer in bed naturally

To begin with, the very first thing to know is that sex is much more than just penetration. As a matter of fact, intercourse is only one expression of sexual relationships between two people. Probably, that one is the most conventional, a tradition settled long centuries ago. Fortunately, time evolves and nowadays these topics can be widely talked about and improved. Thus, a list of tips to last longer in bed naturally is presented hereunder.

1. MYHIXEL method

One of the most effective tips to last longer in bed without pills is MYHIXEL MED. This is cognitive-behavioral therapy created by MYHIXEL. “It is designed for men who ejaculate under three minutes during penetrative sexual intercourse”. This pleasure device simulates a penetration climate, allowing you to train and improve your stamina. As a matter of fact, combining this with specific activities, guided by their app MYHIXEL Play, is a great set for getting the desired results. This way you learn to control yourself when being at the edge of climax.

2. Enjoy foreplay

Even when it does not seem so, foreplay is not necessarily a previous game, the prelude of sex. It actually is sex, has to be considered like that. The thing is that it is just performed in a nonconventional way. In consequence, you should learn to enjoy this and surrender to its sensations. This stage must work as an engine with the aim of increasing your sexual desire, as well as an opportunity to please your partner. If you manage to do this, the natural effect is that your couple will feel more satisfied with the experience, getting more sexual pleasure, for a longer-term. That is to say, a better foreplay is one possible way of lasting longer in bed.

3. Change your mind

Most of us have been taught that foreplay leads to sex, and that is it. Nevertheless, this does not have to be like this, and you should be as creative as you can. For instance, you can alternate those typical games of foreplay with conventional sex. This can be really helpful when you feel you are getting closer to the ejaculation stage. Once you feel near to climax, slowing down the rhythm could be a good strategy, it would help you to gain control of the situation. If you do this, there is no need to just stay there waiting to calm down. In fact, this could be counterproductive for both. Instead, keep on touching, kissing, practicing oral sex, and everything that maintains your partner enjoying the experience.

Among the tips presented to last longer in bed, picturing not erotic things can be mentioned. This seems less effective than slowing down the penetration pace, though.

4. Exercise

Another option, this one needs to be worked on, is to improve your pelvic muscles. In order to do this, there are some physical exercises to perform. One of these consists of lifting weight with your penis, for example using a towel hanging from it when erected and repeating the movement to lift it up. Once you are trained enough, soak it with water, so it increases its weight. Also, plank exercises can strengthen resistance.

5. Condoms and lotions

Talking about tips to last longer, without taking pills, can include condoms specially fabricated to delay ejaculation. These have creams or lotions, which can also be obtained apart from the rubber. The objection to these methods is that they work by numbing your sensitivity. When using them, your feeling will decrease, and it can even become weird.

To sum up: Get control of your sensations

To sum up, the main factor to attack when trying to improve sexual performance is to get control of your sensations and directing your mind to a new standard. Everything we have been taught leads us to a conventional way of having sex, it needs to be changed. Sexual plenitude can be reached in any way you can imagine, we just need to dare and be creatives.

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Join the male sexual revolution and achieve the climax control.

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Join the male sexual revolution and achieve the climax control.